Hydro-Drip Control Flower Pots
Available in 3 sizes:

5" Pot  -  5" (W) x 5" (D) x 5.5" (H)

8" Pot  -  8" (W) x 6.5" (D) x 7" (H)

10" Pot  -  10" (W) x 8" (D) x 10" (H)
Colors Available:


Please inquire for other colors.
(1)  Metal Hanger
  Pots can be hung on a wall easily or
  removed from a wall easily.

(2)  Holes for Wires
  Wire hangers can be attached to pots.

(3)  Hydro-Drip Controller
  Suitable amount of moisture and air
  supplies can be kept in a pot.

(4)  Controller Cap
  Excess water can drain from the
  bottom of the pot by slightly loosening
  a controller cap.